Is OpenJobCenter free-to-use? 
> Yes, OpenJobCenter is absolutely gratis. There are no fees for adding a job offer or searching for a job.

How does OpenJobCenter work for employers?
> As employer, you can simply publish your job offer for free via the menu item “add a job offer” online.
How long does my announcement stay online?
> Your job offer stays online for 90 days. Afterwards, it will be deleted automatically.

How will my announcement be presented/displayed?
> The most recent announcements are displayed on top of the search results. The displayed offers can be browsed or filtered (e.g. by location, type of job).

Is there a possibility to subsequently alter my announcement?
> For the sake of keeping the website’s efforts as manageable as possible, we kindly ask you to revise your announcement before uploading.
The only opportunity to alter your announcement after uploading is to send us an email at info@openjobcenter.com.

Do I have the possibility to publish several announcements at the same time?
> Yes, the number of job offers which you can publish on OpenJobCenter is not restricted.
Are my announcements also displayed on external platforms?
> Principally, we do not hand on the announcements to external websites proactively. 

How do I deactivate my announcement? 
> If your job offer should be deleted earlier than the expiration time of 90 days, please send us an email at info@openjobcenter.com.
Currently, we are working on a log-in area in which you can administrate and alter your own announcements.
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